Bridgebury Gate


During the building and operation of Bridgebury Gate, ideas and inspiration has come from several sources, along with a good deal of rolling stock. These external web links to sites that are connected with friends and resources will give you something else to explore.

ES Models - Somerset's best N gauge shop:

3DR Models Designs - modelling something in N Gauge that has not yet been made by the RTR manufacturers:

The Farish Shed - an excellent emerging resource:

MCRH Electronics - electronic projects for the railway modeller:

Some of the best providers of quality N Gauge items:
TP Models (not currently active)
ATM Wagons (not currently active)

Layouts by friends of Bridgebury Gate:

eLayouts - The Electronic Exhibition Layout Directory, Bridgebury Gate's entry with details for exhibition organisers:

Bridgebury Gate town view